Stephen Craton

Jet Lag, Nostalgia, and Home

Oct 2, 2014 Indiana, United States 2 min read

Shortly before returning to the Philippines, I was determined to get some video clips of some of my favorite spots of Southern Indiana. I wanted to have something to look back on when the inevitable periods of homesickness were going to strike.

So I took a week off work and just drove around. Filming whatever scene happened to evoke a sense of “now that’s the Indiana I know.” I found myself darting between Spring Mill, Clifty Falls, Muscatatuck. And seemingly every country road inbetween got my senses tingling. There’s just something about those empty roads with corn fields on either side of you that softly whispers home to me.

When I arrived back in the Philippines, it wasn’t long before the homesickness settled in. I’d been in the states for a longer period than usual, and so returning back to the cramped Manila streets made me miss those corn fields even more. Jet lag didn’t help, always causing a bit of a mood slump to go along with the constant feeling of sleeplessness.

And so I sat in a coffee shop one afternoon and decided to put together this video. Something I could watch during the mood slumps. Something I could show my Filipino friends and say, “that’s my home.” Something I could look back on in the future, wherever I might end up, and be reminded of where I came from.

Sure enough, even five years later, it still evokes the same feelings. That’s my home.

Written October 28, 2019